Shydally Dalmatians

      Samara, Shiloh, and the Hardy/Corcoran family, welcomes you along to the Shydally website.


A little bit about us,

Samara (can sniff out food a mile away)

Shiloh (very intelligent but very stupid with it, can smile himself out of trouble)

Julie (Mum, Can be seen following the dogs with a mop cleaning up after them}

Gavin (Dad/Step Dad, The good looking one, more like the only one that doesn't shed any hair!)  

John (Amber and Farrens dad and driver to dog shows with the girls)

Amber-Louise ( The bossy one )

Farren (Can be seen when the internet is not on or his computer has crashed)

Tiffany (aged 16 going on 21)

You are welcome to contact us for help and advice.

Based in Portsmouth Hampshire




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